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  1. Feb. 8 @ 3:06p


  2. Jan. 2 @ 2:53p


    Heat times for Saturday, see everyone soon!
    8:40 Stop, Drop & Squat
    8:50 Janice and Misty
    9:00 The Comeback Queens
    9:10 Pup EMOMs
    9:20 Straight Outta’ Bios
    9:30 Na - Boxcar
    9:50 Scott & Troy
    10:00 Dennis and Patrick
    10:10 Scott and Dave
    10:30 Two Peas in a WOD
    10:40 M&M
    10:50 Loomis Ladies
    11:00 Forty N’ Fit
    11:20 TBA
    11:30 Boxcar Crossfit
    11:40 The Fog
    11:50 Rowing Pains
    12:00 Less Talkin More Chalkin
    12:10 Crossfit Jedi
    12:20 Dad Bod’s in Full Effect
    12:30 Amino Disrespect


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  3. Dec. 21 @ 2:06p

    I am the type of person that__________

     "I am the type of person that__________"

    This is a idea I picked up recently from a podcast or audio book that I have been thinking about. I believe positive self talk goes a long way towards becoming successful towards your goals, what ever they may be.  If you tell yourself that I am the type of person that does something in certain situations, you have decided in advance and you don't  have to consider another option that will take yourself in the wrong direction. What type of person do you want to be? Here are a few ways to finish the sentence above I want to keep telling myself.

    loves and takes care of my family
    does what I expect of myself even when no one is watching.
    finishes the last round of a work out or end of a amrap with everything I have.
    works hard to become stronger and move better.
    stays away from sweets in social situations.
    is always learning.
    watches educational t.v. instead of crap.
    is always working to improve my self and those around me.

  4. Sep. 30 @ 2:41p


    Joanna is a staple at our 5am class, she travels sometimes for business but if she is in town she will be at the gym. She brings some toughness to a class with mostly dudes, Ian says "she never quits and always shows up!"

    Age: 48

    Occupation: Franchise Sales Manager at Avery Dennison

    How long have you been CrossFitting? 3 years

    Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day? Deadlifts or back squats!!!

    Least favorite exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day? Anything that involves thrusters.

    When did you realize that CrossFit was right for you? My sister took me to my first class and I loved it!! It’s different every day and love the people.

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  5. Aug. 19 @ 3:22p


    Ady recently hit her 3 year mark of doing CrossFit and she brought in chocolate covered strawberries to share with the class she was attending. She wanted to say thank you for everything that CFCP has done for her. Ady is the one who put in the work and made the changes, she has been consistent in our evening classes and has done some personal training sessions. She loves her nutrition program that has helped her hit many of her goals.  Thank you Ady, you are a amazing person and we love having you as a part of our CFCP family!

    How long have you been CrossFitting?
    Since August 1, 2014

    Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?

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  6. Jul. 22 @ 1:52p


     Fernando was one of our very first athletes, he is in our facebook photo albums from 2010  and  2011 in some of the last workouts we did in our garage and some of the first work outs we did in a warehouse. Fern quickly became one of our strongest guys but has always been one of the best members of our community. He has taken some breaks from Crossfit but has been consistent as anyone lately. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. I asked Jordon about having Fernando in his 9:00 class.  "He is an all around amazing person to be around, he is a hard worker that is crazy strong."

    How long have you been CrossFitting?
    Since you opened your box

    Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?

    Least favorite exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?

    Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that have seen?
    My overall strength has improved

    What's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit?
    I actually think about what I am going eat. Is this going to be beneficial for my work out tomorrow. 

    Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted?
    Scott's garage. I can say I was there when we only had the basics

    Future CrossFit goals?
    Lose more body fat

    Future life goals not related to CrossFit?
    Stay healthy

    What's your favorite part being a part of CrossFit Cameron Park  
  7. Jun. 1 @ 9:18p


    How to set notifications from Triib
     A cool feature of Triib is the opportunity to track work outs and lifts, Its also fun to see others work outs and like or comment on their scores. The problem is that there isn't a default notification set up. If you want to set your notifications log into your account. (not the ap) Underneath the picture click on settings. Then on the right side click on "Alerts" You can sync your phone to get a text message, get an email, or what I prefer turn on the mobile alerts and the ap will let you know when someone likes your workout or has a comment.

    We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Failed Decades-Long Diet Experiment

  8. May. 28 @ 1:59p

    Monday May 29th

    We will only have 1 class today for Memorial Day! Please come by 9am to warm-up we will be doing the WOD MURPH! Any fitness level is welcome! You can scale the workout as needed! Wear your running shoes! Hope to see you there!